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With the Twilight cup tournaments right around the corner it’s time for more practice. Elliegantly and myself do a few test runs with various different Pokemon to see how well they perform going up against each other.
◾ Featured Pokemon: Alolan Muk, Alolan Marowak Alolan Ninetales, Azumarill, Umbreon, Misdreavus, Drapion, Toxicroak, Clefable and Venusaur.
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32 Responses

  1. Nice video! The twilight cup is on!

  2. Nick Navarra says:

    Niantic should have tournament pvp battle youtube page

  3. Meteor Mash Clefable is going to be a monster. Definitely worth the second charge move.

  4. Hey Poke AK, fast move on Alolan Ninetails?

  5. Bylan Daker says:

    Have you tried charging up your energy and then using the move that requires the least damage to trick them into thinking you’re using a big move and shield, while only using minimal energy?

  6. John Shadoe says:

    If you don't spoof, you are one of the greatest pokemon trainer. Great videos man.

  7. You are currently my favourite PoGo Youtuber. Keep bringing those PvP videos! Fun and informative. Kudos!

  8. Hey Poke ! Were about 20 days away from ultra friends. Then we will be able to battle! MickeyVillafan

  9. jhs0525 says:

    @PokeAK Can you please test battle Golbat instead of Crobat. Is Absol having Pyscho Cut a good option for the Twilight Cup? what fast move do you recommend on Drapion?

  10. S Sachin says:

    Hi Poke AK, your PVP videos are great. I have a question. Is Gardevoir a better Toxicroak counter compared to Venomoth or Golbat ??

  11. EdicTheTwink says:

    Just watching these videos makes me wanna join the Twilight Cup. Sadly I'm not in a place where many people play… Been looking for a raiding team in my area but damn its hard to find people…

  12. Luis Berrios says:

    lmao TM's should be hard btw I seen you used them stupid sometimes not gonna lie good luck

  13. DctrBanner says:

    I never noticed before, but your switch timer continues even while the opponent is deciding which Pokemon to use. Good to know.

  14. Bylan Daker says:

    Won my Boulder Cup with the help of your vids, keep up the good work! I have my twilight cup in 2 weeks so I need all the hep I can get.

  15. Do you think you'd need alolan ninetails and venomoth on your team? Or is one of the other enough?

  16. MattyFBaby says:

    Ggs! I know azumarill resists aqua tail. But disagree that using aqua tail at that point would have been pointless. Feel like aqua tail the first time and she shields, then she wonders if you are doing aqua tail again, doesnt want to waste another shield, but you hit her with poison move the 2nd time. Or. You use the poison the first time, she shields, aqua tail the next time, she expects poison again and shields again. Just my thoughts on that kind of situation. Think maaaaybe could have gotten another move off for free on azumarill is all, and could be the difference in a later match. Xoxo . No hate all love and just friendly discussion. Xoxo

  17. Aman Ballani says:

    Tomorrow is my birthday pokeyak

  18. mark talbot says:

    Surly azumaril is the best marrow ask counter?

  19. Ash Omkar says:

    Where do we see the twilight light and can we participate in twilight cup??

  20. Jay Nguyen says:

    thank for the video man <3

  21. Now this is the content we are wanting to see! Forreal though the TM drought is real. I don't even care about Palkia anymore, just need those TMs… One day we need to battle!

  22. bobby lee says:

    Thanks for the Twilight battles, I've already invested in some mons. But it's always nice to learn how you think when you're voicing your battles. Gl on your tournament!

  23. Skool Wifi says:

    They need a serious drop increase for TMS, it's ridiculous

  24. TexCav545 says:

    as always   great vid.

  25. Is poison jab better for alolan muk still or is bite better

  26. Looking forward to more twilight videos!

  27. Gimme like for no reason 😀

  28. Good luck in the next tournament hopefully it works better for you

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