Twitch Drama/News 48 (Summit1G Fortnite, Cincinbear Banned, Anything4Views, Ice RV 2)

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All streamers Are As Follows:
Ice poseidon
Ice poison (LennyFace)
Sam pepper
hampton brandon

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45 Responses

  1. RastaJew says:

    It's totally okay to say nigga with a soft a in Australia. I do it in public and no one freaks out. Twitch is disrespecting our culture.

  2. Ponuru says:

    The churches don't have that right.

  3. Mort Ess says:

    He called ice ICE POISON? ???????

  4. Parge Lenis says:

    twitch is just a pussy platform tbh

  5. Ariel Kamen says:

    i agree with summit 1g completely and totally

  6. Anna Radford says:

    Is Pewdiepie in this video? I very much seems like he isn't in this video. Why do leak a video of Syren Cove? As she is trying to make a living dude.

  7. Hey stop stealing shit people worked hard to create and posting it on Reddit you asshole.

  8. truMalma says:

    Wait… you don't know how to pronounce poseidon by now? LuL

  9. Leaking nudes is cunty and stealing porn is illegal ya know?

  10. MR L says:

    Who’s Ice poison…..

  11. Whe live in a society of children. A girl says a word that so many people say but since she has a different skin color she gets called a racist and gets banned. And fuck off with the comment, "but that word has history" bullshit. Its a word cunt.

  12. Adam Carr says:

    How the heck do u play pubG everyday… landing, looting the same junk, shooting the same nubs. At least fortnite takes skill with the building… Summit can't build so he has to slam it lol

  13. OG Mrfister says:

    Twitch is trash along with fortnite.

  14. GL1TCHTeK says:

    You get what you get from the use man doh

  15. corey mac says:

    Im not the type of person to tell you to sub but click the notification bell.

  16. BR0723 says:

    Soft ass taxi driver.

  17. Matt Wool says:

    Im surprised that girl got banned for saying "nigga." The way she used it wasn't even offensive.

  18. Alexander GG says:

    There are a lot of thotsss in twitch.. Leeches needs money I guess.

  19. Summit is right fortnite is getting old as fuck.

  20. hebbe keke says:

    why you blur out fuck etc? fucking bitches anoying as fuck

  21. Mr.Peppers says:

    Who dafuq is Ice Poison lmao anyone else catch that ?

  22. Yeeeaaaaah its because most people dont play a game for 8hrs straight every day.. just sayin…

  23. Tribeka says:

    Finally he fucking admits it, I knew he hated this game but never wanted to say it because of the views, I got into so many arguments with his dick riders saying he loves that game, like fuck off

  24. PepegaxQc says:

    So Natarsha cant say it, but Alinity can? Weird.

  25. Lil Dong says:

    Sam pepper a niggafish who can’t fight

  26. Kronikman07 says:

    you can literally go to pornhub and watch syrencove blast herself

  27. Jamison S says:

    Sam pepper would have gotten the shit kicked out of him

  28. Karsten Flom says:

    Asian Andy did nothing wrong.

  29. Schangbang says:

    Twitch pisses me off show bad, they barely punish these half naked thots, and that's what they are, it's sad they get so offended and argue against the truth.

  30. Kosh800 says:

    That first clip is fucking amazing for so many reasons.

  31. Why did you edit the summit clip, he said its not a bad game but not a 8 hours everyday kind of game…I’m paraphrasing, but you’re doing what media is doing, thats dishonest man, don’t be like that

  32. Sam Wilsolm says:

    why call his ice poison you salty toad

  33. thanks for the sauce, baus

  34. Jumbo says:

    Summit thinks it's boring yet continues to play? ?

  35. dork_rex says:

    Ice Poseidon is a pox upon humanity.

  36. good luck on yr finals dude!!!!!!!

  37. hbkblue37 says:

    Why does he always say Ice "Poison". Did Ice used to go by that or can he just not talk?

  38. i like hearing the drama on twitch but every time i hear someone get banned it sounds like nothing more than censorship, i dont like watching something knowing its censored.

  39. Kaos Warrior says:

    IcePoison and his pals, most of those in Hollyweird are just parasites and people should stop giving money to them!

  40. Blots out f word twenty times, but lets the n word slide

  41. Jean Pierre says:

    to be fair, Battle Royal as a genre is pretty shit. Not just Fortnight.

  42. ShadyCesar says:

    I agree with summit I don’t get how people play fortnite forever I just play 2 games a get tf off

  43. LingLing says:

    Didn’t gold glove cheat on another streamer in the past like legit cheated ??

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