Unleashing Lick Gengar! Alolan marowak duo (no weather boost)

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pokemon go level 4 rock smash/fire blast alolan marowak duo in partly cloudy with legacyzelaya using all lick gengar (we are best friends)

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music by Vexento -Trippy love

Pokémon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company…

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16 Responses

  1. Royal family and gengar working together… awesome teamwork!

  2. neokenshin says:

    I tried it with a tyranitar team (bite – shred) and I did not achieve it

  3. Out of interest would this work as well with Shadow Claw? Is it better with Lick vs Marowak?

  4. I did this with two people earlier and couldn’t take it out lol. It had Shadow Ball.

  5. JD 808 says:

    Awesome! Gengar is my favorite of all time! Now the question is, can Hex Gengar do the same thing?

  6. Raphaël D says:

    Looks like raids nerf is not so bad, after all ?

  7. Gengar or Kyogre? Can you please do a time challenge for these 2 pokemon against Marowak? Who beats the clock.

  8. He kaitonalon do lick gengar vs scyther i tride it out and it works!!

  9. Rizer M says:

    Kaitonolan i pretty sure its unleashing for the tittle.

  10. So many shadow balls nice work ??

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