Update: v9.30 Content Update #1 Patch Notes | Save The World

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Fortnite STW: Version 9.30 Content Update #1 is here! Let’s just into the Patch Notes and see what the 14 Days of Summer are as well as what we can expect this week!


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34 Responses

  1. nz pj says:

    Why are you Not playing khux

  2. dude your a liar, you already have a neon sniper , its in your favorites wall, woooww bro caught red handed, 11:17 mark.

  3. 1besticanbe1 says:

    I actually researched the neon and got the same headshot perk. Made me sad.

  4. KNG Tundra says:

    Hello sir.Ive been playing save the world for a while.Im power level 42,I have almost no good schematics and I have trash heroes.How do I get better quickly?

  5. When is the birthday event someonenplz reply

  6. Defenders barely get headshots

  7. Vercifi says:

    I got like 18k tickets… still waiting on that birthday event

  8. You have 50k subs and have mearch
    Just no ok

  9. Who, Me? Nah says:

    Defenders don’t get headshots every time. I’ve watched them hit body shots way more than headshots

  10. Defender headshots are random

  11. Kevin Bacon says:

    So I'm going on vacation 29 to the 2 and I'm wondering If the 14days of summer will stack

  12. I’m still missing my spectral blade which I completed the challenge for and still did not get I contacted epic but no reply it’s been 7 months

  13. I have 3 neon snipers they all came with headshot perk , I would buy it I have mine obsidian for my defenders to

  14. I believe that it is random when it comes to defenders and headshots, sometimes they even miss the husks and sometimes it is a perfect headshot. I’d wait to get a different neon sniper but if you still really want one you could just get one from the collection book.

  15. I would think that the twine peaks story would be about Kevin being that when you kill the storm king it shows a little Kevin where the storm king was standing after it ended so that may be how Kevin(s) came to be, created by the storm to power the storm’s monsters aswell as the storm king(s).

  16. How many tickets have y'all saved up so far?

  17. STITCHER says:

    Thanks for the info

  18. It’s stuck on the headshot perk that’s why I use the obliterator

  19. You know what do we do with support creator code 'Duj2'


  20. RYEAN_RDW says:

    I’m sad I’m 1 week not on house but I can 3 days complete the quest

  21. Carthestar says:

    14 days of summer is a let down 😭😭

  22. Seeing the cube made me want a floating island STW map with missions, that would be Epic…

  23. Dark voyager says:

    When are the birth day llams coming back

  24. XDJSULLYX says:

    I love the new boom bow even Tho it dint come out yet 🤩

  25. Love the vids but I wouldn't consider 54k subs a small channel

  26. Erma Torres says:

    as always great info.

  27. Entity 121 says:

    i love that they actually named the prefabs and galleries "Kevin" instead of just "cube"

  28. Deadly Gamer says:

    Hey ! Can u save alot of tickets to do a HUGE BIRTHDAY LLAMA OPENING for us I saved 9000 tickets too!

  29. Skyway says:

    Are r summer tickets gonna disappear cuz I see a lot of people spending on sci if llamas

    Or are r summer tickets gonna turn into birthday

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