Valakadyn & Hollow Earth VS Calus! Auto Rifles Suck? [Destiny 2]

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Valakadyn & Hollow Earth VS Calus! Auto Rifles Suck? [Destiny 2]

So SMGs kill Calus twice as fast as ARs…

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34 Responses

  1. Ehroar says:

    Double uploads are back for the week with all the new content starting with tonight's video!

  2. VTG Snakes says:

    Have you guys thought about trying Polaris Lance vs Calus? I had a 9 man EP going and all of us except one were using Polaris and it shredded.

  3. clusterbombs and coldheart is still a sold AF combo for caluc. dont think it will ever not be

  4. Love that middle guys callouts lol

  5. Could've gotten extra damage by shooting a dog as well as melee to get Energizing. But yeah. And of course Coldheart is better.

  6. Boof Boof says:

    See guys not all weapons melt with 100 skulls

  7. Is that auto youre using better than the valakadyn?

  8. LOX SnipeGod says:


  9. I expected it to do better too. In the spirit of this, I would love to see how Better Devils or another hand cannon fares against Calus.

  10. Nifty Rifty says:

    Whenever you do these type of videos, do you do normal leviathan or prestige version?

  11. Scrubtato says:

    You’re gonna do anything for views huh? You’re not gonna stop until you’ve used every single weapon in existence instead of just admitting this game is dead and you’re limping to the barn for content

  12. Don't know if it's possible but do you think a solo damage Calus is doable?

  13. TyBy4763 says:

    i love that LOT OF players still use coldheart on calus. Especially when i tell them it's trash and they get butthurt 🙁

  14. BigMac5 says:

    Suros Regime is probably the best auto rifle for Calus.

  15. The fucking barricade of the death

  16. King Diesel says:

    Man that's impressive killing calus with energy weapons only even if it took 4 plates that's still quite remarkable

  17. Steve Batzer says:

    Love these videos; too much fun AND educational 🙂

  18. DutyDePuty says:

    Sunbracers vs Calus!!!

  19. Manuel_Yeet says:

    Strange question but does anyone know what red shader icecide has?? It’s lit

  20. I love the Huckleberry masterwork

  21. Ivy King says:

    These Destiny2 special forces.
    D2 navy seals

  22. Niklas says:

    Well compared to the top contenders Autorifles do suck on Calus. And really, im sure anything (maybe even HC) can 4 plate calus with a team that knows what it is doing and had 3-4 Lunarfaction rifts.

  23. Sunarii says:

    oooooh I'm really early :0

    could you maybe make a guide on when, where and how to use the devour tree on warlock optimally?
    It would really help 🙂

  24. Ezilus says:

    It’s hilarious how y’all make fun of Lfg players got me over her dying??

  25. Youwy says:

    Dawnblade super only calus

  26. Devin L says:

    See you in stream later fam 😀

  27. Jay B says:

    4:20– LOL..!!! Did this to my clan once and had 4 of them die from their own rockets..!! LOL

  28. Gabriel CF says:

    What about Hollow Earth ?

  29. Jay B says:

    1:49 – "Axes!" LOL..!!!!!!!

  30. VIXI says:

    Was that Dark Decider?

  31. J2 ACE says:

    Wow I was expecting more damage that's interesting ? You would think auto rifles would do more than that, nice video! ?

  32. Mattyzcavz24 says:

    Love that no recoil on PC I use the dark decider it has 63 in the mag

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