We Got Streamsniped by a Hacker! HD MOMENTS EPISODE 29 (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Music by Ouseツ

“Change the Game, Be Kind”

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48 Responses

  1. TehFlowii says:

    What's the intro music

  2. if you either slow down or have the best eyesight, he hit a 231 headshot at around 3:08, but correct me if im wrong, isn’t the highest damage for any shotgun now like a 200 ??, jimmy got lucky bro and it was a clean hit too

  3. Fear Kaiden says:

    I break my cornbread up and put it in a glass of milk. My grandma showed me it?

  4. Please go check out my montage if you guys have the chance everyone i play with says im very underrated i have no means of disrespect for HD

  5. Handcam? That vid would be so useful coz I'm tryna get to use ur controls and like I'm kinda struggling on how to switch weapons

  6. Lmfao! Now he's got something to bitch about after running into the trap ?

  7. Noooooo why you change your outro

  8. Merciless says:

    6:49 that transition is clean asf ???

  9. Moose H says:

    HD and Nickmercs are hands down the funniest when they team up

  10. DINI Mekolli says:

    Your Aim of both Controller and MK?

  11. I didn’t know that you were playin console.

  12. Vincentizer says:

    Yo what's the damn song name for the intro? Shit's got an addicting sound

  13. making nick walk into that trap was the best part of that video lol shut him up pretty quick then

  14. Tru Xenon says:

    See that's the thing I love about you tfue played controller and gave up you stick to it

  15. adam garrett says:

    That transition at 6:50 tho

  16. Haytre says:

    What is your saturation at or digital vibrance?

  17. Austin Noble says:

    What do you mean whoops. That segment had me dying.

  18. Fewd 27 says:

    Only people who remember ceiling traps and prison can like
    (any support would be appreciated)

  19. Kelly Asling says:

    your intro reminds me of the stranger things intro

  20. River Spey says:

    Such a good prank on nick

  21. Pandas111898 says:

    How is no one talking about the collateral at 3:08

  22. L3gend Clips says:

    He was not hacking that was just aim assist

  23. Boat says:

    Subscribe tome if you love HD

  24. AngryGamer says:

    Fucking HD that ending… poor Nick lol

  25. Gray Croghan says:

    No I like the other outro better

  26. I didnt use your code before but when you switched to controller, I switched my code?

  27. Kitetsu II says:

    HD has the best intro no bs

  28. G3NXSIDE XD says:

    U lied to us cuz you can’t sprint while your switching weapons on the d-pad unless you play claw or use paddles!?. And if u going to prove you don’t then do a hand cam and show us the back of your controller.

  29. Merksick says:

    @3:20 "oh yeah, there's a trap in there" LMAO

  30. seb says:

    my man HD hired Ali-A's editor on that outro

  31. Thunder 27 says:

    This was hilarious also 03:05 was nuts

  32. Abram Johan says:

    I wonder who would win in a fight? Nickmercs or HD?

  33. That’s the skin right their and the ginger bread before anyone had you use to rock that shit

  34. DVN Xaos says:

    More controller pls

  35. Nacho says:

    keep up the content HD yesterday I watched about 4 hours worth of your vids! keep it up dude!

  36. Braoden Roy says:

    Are you full time playing controller?

  37. This is how many bots HD is getting in his next game
    ?(I make videos too)

  38. Sxpihrxt says:

    03:05 1 pump 2 kills Thats a kreygasm right there

  39. Word on the street is they’re still eating Berries and not coming

  40. RedStar 123 says:

    If This Is Blue You Love HighDistortion ❤️?
    ?(I’m Gifting Next 10 Loyal Subscribers)?

  41. We are at the beach but still watching HD bro and kyng say hi!!!

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