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The time has come for all weather beasts Rayquaza Groudon and Kyogre to be returned for destruction in Pokemon GO.
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35 Responses

  1. Sunny Dee says:

    I don't understand why a max CP rayquaza is still lower than a Groudon when in reality Rayquaza is supposed to be stronger

  2. Dee Stewart says:

    I love togepis
    They are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  3. 1:28 looks like snorlax doesn’t have good iv

  4. Mason Price says:

    I wish I had those Pokemon 🙁

  5. Paola 424 says:

    You should do legendary Dragon team

  6. Magan Hassan says:

    Lol Rayqueza uses dragon tail but it's not using its tail to attack the pokemon lol pokemon logic XD

  7. I reached level 28 today

  8. Agara says:

    Make a lot of such video as this.We all enjoy them:-D

  9. limonlime94 says:

    Got a 100% level 33 shiny swablu yesterday. It was my first shiny of anything ever I was super hype

  10. hows your two man rayquaza team coming ive been watching videos id really like to do it

  11. Hi you talk suscribe to mi chanel

  12. Röchin TM says:

    Attempting to take out a blissey makes me wanna physically and mentally hurt my self by eating spaghet flavored tide pods

  13. Nashypoo58 says:

    Got a 100% iv Swablu and a 100% iv Wailmer both level 25+

  14. Hey PokeAK, whattabout a nickname for Rayquaza? Can be Shen Long or Shenron! You decide!
    Stay training!

  15. That blissey…… weather boosted?

  16. So then let's get this support out the way before I go to sleep????Poke ak your rayquaza is so cool and it deserves maxing out it'll be the best dragon in game ???And poke ak since I'm on holidays why don't you create more awesome vids? Awesomely team skull valor rocket rainbow rocket agrees!????So this is the support enjoy your day!#POKEAK2018 #POKEMONGO #TEAMROCKET #TEAMVALOR #TEAMSKULL #TEAMRAINBOWROCKET #LEGENDARYS #MEWTWO #ALASKAMEWTWO #NEWRAIDS #ALASKARAIDS #AZURILL #GROUDON #KYORGE #RAYQUAZA #YOUTUBENEEDSFIXING #POKEAKSFANSLOVE #GETPOKEAKTO100KSUBS #SUPPORT4LIFE #MAXEDOUTKYOGREINALASKA #MASTERTRIOAGGRONRAID #RAYQUAZAALASKA #RAYQUAZAGYMBATTLE

  17. I remember those days when in the real show rayquaza Groudon and kyogre were fighting

  18. We need a good name for rayquaza! Silver?

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