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Time to ask the question – what is the ugliest skin in Overwatch? In most of my skins reviews I have some criticisms and praise to offer, but after the Summer games review video, I have decided to look for the least aesthetically pleasing skins in Overwatch. What are your top 10?

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27 Responses

  1. ThePdog3k says:

    Odile is my favorite Widow skin.

  2. Zeo Dirk says:

    Blizzard for summer games: the worst skins in overwatch

    Blizzard for winter: hold my beer

  3. sk3lt0 says:

    5 pigpen
    4 jester
    3 ebony
    2 swamp monster
    1 rag tagg

  4. Casey Rumham says:

    All of Moira’s honestly. She deserves better. Banshee and black watch are alright but that’s it. That David Bowie one what the fuck

  5. I actually really like Dynastinae and Megasoma, though mainly the former.

    Thing reminds me of Heracross.

  6. The worst skin in the game is the McCree skin from the year of the Dog. I. HATE. THAT. SKIN.

  7. Anonymous 69 says:

    did you forget the McDonald skins?

    Who are we kidding, I fuck with mcdonald

  8. "I'm sure there are people who can stick a birds head on their own and look good. I have never met any of them"


  9. I actually like ur number 1 skin a lot 🙁

  10. Alex Spadge says:

    Your skin reviews for Overwatch are probably my favorite videos.

  11. Trilby425 says:

    Lucio Jazz and Punk Zarya.


  13. PeP says:

    no moira skins on that list?
    that's surprising

  14. Mcree scrooge skin was good, change my mind.

  15. isnt immortal orisa supposed to be like the sc2 immortal?

  16. It’s frightening how many people don’t realize that McCree’s yellow suit is an homage to Dick Tracy.

  17. Noah Unser says:

    I agree most of this but I love pig pen I think it's funny

  18. Ginzo Milani says:

    Any Sombra skin with those stupid feet shoes.

  19. SSJ3500 says:

    How's the best Widow skin on this list but the horrendous all star smurfette Tracer not? I figured that piece of shit was what inspired this list.

  20. Tallertech says:

    Are usually like your content but I’m going to have to disagree with you I care more about detail then the color palette. From this video you mostly just said that brown is the color of poop so all things with brown looks like it has shit on it


  22. Mate Product says:

    Is it me or does Tracers skin looks like Jake Paul?

  23. those1kidds says:

    immortal is awesome, I must disagree with you on that one sir. The rest, yes, are pretty nasty especially the boy tracer one. Soooooooooo bad.

  24. Gabmax101 says:

    Loving the nipple piercing on hanzo ?

  25. Youwilldie says:

    Is this guy Scottish ? I mean he has the best accent of all time

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