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26 Responses

  1. Sevennoss i love you rank#1 best player

  2. Irene Monaco says:

    Svennos Can You add me im so noob Plz i want to play with You im a big fan

  3. Je bent nederlands en ik vind je echt pro je bent de beste van nederland

  4. I was in svenosses game I came 4th and he won CD he's amazing

  5. says:

    lol when he played with jelly he said he was no1 XD he is so bad XD

  6. U should watch ur mouth cuz kids are subscribed to ur channel! I believe u the roll model for them

  7. Yo I am the one who got you that nade in the beginning

  8. I have respect that he is good but, he says “if people would hit their shots” and he himself cannot do a headshot where a person is standing still! He thinks that he can say anything and be rude to other players only because he is good, this guy is actually a very discussing person!

  9. Wesley Snoek says:

    when does the aggressive gameplay start?

  10. Your like the biggest virgin I ever seen

  11. Petrusco says:

    That's not aggresive, thats landing on tilted

  12. Very boring to watch. sleept the whole video

  13. “Maybe if people hit their shots ——“
    misses his shots

  14. CaM M says:

    Stop pointless swearing ur so annoying

  15. Leo G says:

    Svenos has tons of wins because he doesn’t go for trickshots he grinds wins by camping and he has no life

  16. No Name says:

    Worst play EVER. LAME

  17. Yeah sorry myth and ninja are about 10x better then you

  18. This guy is not that aggressive but it doesn't matter

  19. 90% commenting never make it out of tilted, "thats aggresive?" he is getting rushed by everyone why would he go looking for people when they come to him…

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