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Do you need a Pokemon Go Plus But it’s just too expensive? Well here’s a video for you! Thank you guys for watching! Even clicking on any of the amazon links will help out the channel! Let me know if you guys got one:)

Patreon: patreon.com/ElijahWatz
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Gotcha New:
Go Plus Amazon:
GoPlus New Wish:
Go Plus Used Wish:…

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16 Responses

  1. Zuma Kury says:

    Looool bruh what is this trash video. Amazon and wish link. Solid research…..

  2. coolmex20 says:

    You forgot about GameStop that’s where I bought mine

  3. Sorry about the necklace. I hope you find it. You made a very good video. Also thank you for the tips for growing my channel, I am so happy I have reached 63 subscribers! Can’t wait to get my next.

  4. ruth duncan says:

    I have not been my uncle passed away

  5. Turnaround says:

    i sort of forgot about the go plus

  6. DAXAN GARCIA says:

    Stay safe have fun and hope you find your necklace Eli ♥️♥️♥️

  7. AndyOctovia says:

    First the hat and now the necklace. Hope that one day i can meet you and for letting us know that we can talk to you and love you too eli.. Fam all the way <3

  8. Marion Eveni says:

    Hey Elijah ?

    Thanks this video ?
    I did have a Po Go Plus …and i lost it ?, more along the lines of missed placed it ?
    Its been awhile since I saw my plus.. I wish it had a like a tracking system for it..so i could find mine, and i don't have to buy another.

    Anyways Thankyou for saying that you will be here for your #WatFam, and that if we needed to talk.. We could talk with you. I already do that by leaving you long messages on your videos, and it's cool you always take the time(when your not busy with work and life) to reply back, it short, but still cool that you do reply back.
    Ive had a pretty bad month, stress levels haven't gone.. And i think its only getting worse as each week goes by.
    I try to sink myself into playing Pokèmon Go and watching youtube (your videos) and a few others.. So i can try to keep stress levels low..it works.. But not for long. I am still working on each day..but when alot goes on in life, i just gotta take some time out.
    But i Thankyou for sharing any video's that you post up on Youtube ✌

    Man, it hasn't been a good year for you.. I mean you lost your favourite hat here in NZ and now you have missed placed something special to you..or as said lost it ?
    I do hope that you can find it.

    Anyways Elijah, i hope you have an Awsome day, and Week ?

    Good luck in catching on this months shiny for your Community Day, if you get some time during work time. It's good to be busy with work, it keeps your mind busy.

    Anyways i better go, and wait to be picked up, to go do some Mewtwo raids before i start work…im trying to get a hundy Mewtwo.

    Take care ✌
    Much love all the way from NZ
    J and i

    P.S: J and i, we are here for you, anytime Elijah, if you want to talk. You know where to find us (here or on Twitter)

  9. Jim Warnow says:

    Know that you can ALWAYS talk to me – even if I don't have twitter or those others but do have facebook  and you can contact me through here. Sometimes it helps to talk to a older person who has been there and done that.  And your looking good – keep up what you are doing.

  10. RIP hand-made necklace I hope you find it man!! Thank you for you’re awesome content!!!!

  11. How far is the nearest city relative to where you live?

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