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38 Responses

  1. JuupaFIN says:


    This Video Was Recorded So Long Time Ago.

    Im Announcing More Giveaways Little Later

  2. CoP_ Team says:

    Nice video and acc man!!! I realy love this acc

  3. Damn The account is fully stacked !!!!!

  4. If you still have the account canni have it my account just got stolen i had galaxy and eon

  5. iProX Gaming says:

    Can I Have It Coz I have no skin and pleaseee!!

  6. Cristianer says:

    can i have the account please?

  7. Katarina says:

    I hope I win gl to everybody

  8. I liked and subbed dope channel! hope i win!

  9. Gwizdek30 says:

    I wanna this account please!! :((

  10. NICOLAJBAN says:

    i liked the video and subscribed to u and the other guy! Pick me pls. My instagram: nicholas_liljenberg

  11. Toowavydrizz says:

    Lemme have it please I needa acc

  12. i will this amazing account!

  13. Koji says:

    this account is awesome, hope I win and even if I dont, its worth a try

  14. gordonrides says:

    I wont win ethier ive never won a giveaway im like the unluckiest person in the world

  15. I want this account. I did all the steps.

  16. Noah Donnè says:

    Im subt and turn on notifications (im a no skin😢😢😢😩😩😩😩)

  17. Omg I want that account

  18. xRiTT says:

    I was an OG but wasn't allowed to buy vbucks 🙁

  19. Plz bro I lost my acc and all my stuff

  20. Bro if I win this account it will be the best thing that has ever happened to me xD. Anyways, gl to all!

  21. aalfaheem247 says:

    I want the account because I can’t buy skins and if I bought I will have one

    I get bullied for having no skins and people keep calling me names 😢

    Plz can I have it

  22. Please can I have account I no skins

  23. Pls my account got banned

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